Novena to Saint Joseph

Known for his merciful acts in the Sanctuary of Saint Joseph in Krakow

In our sufferings and experiences of our being in this life we have a great comfort in Saints who mediate for us.
The Saints however, having already been through a number of these circumstances and having shared our misery as well, they have got mercy on us and hearten us with their prayers in Heaven the more effectively the more favours God has granted them.
God also wants us to honor those whom He has honored in Heaven and whom He calls his friends. Therefore, it is His will that we resort to the mediation of the Saints in numbers of our necessities as they come. For that reason, He gladly listens to those prayers that the Saints deliver to Him for us.
We shall distinctly honor Saint Joseph right after the Blessed Mother.

For he has remained in the closest relationship with the Saviour, after the Blessed Virgin he was raised to the highest dignity, becoming the Guardian and adoptive Father of the Child, and his virtues and extraordinary sanctity of life won him the Heart of Jesus and a special grace from God.

Holy Church has always honoured him above other Saints and encouraged the faithful to do so.
It has described him as the utmost example of Christian life, the ultimate protector in all needs, especially as the patron of good death.

Continued experience shows how effective the care of Saint Joseph is. The Lord’s saints confessed that they had received special favors from God through him. Saint Francis de Sales publicly expressed his gratitude for the miraculous care of Saint Joseph over him, he called himself his worshiper, servant and property. Saint Teresa of Avila testifies in her writings: “I do not remember when I called upon Saint Joseph’s protection and I was not heard. Wonderful are the favors that God gave me through him … “Similar testimonies were given and constantly given by all those who, in their worries and troubles, sought his help,

No wonder, then, that the devotion to Saint Joseph is increasing and spreading more and more, and the Holy Church, encountering numerous obstacles in its activities, suffering in many countries, oppression from the enemies of the Name of Christ, constantly calls for protection not only of Mary, but also of the protection of Saint Joseph

The First Novena to Saint Joseph

Introductory prayer for each day of the novena

O glorious Patriarch, Saint Joseph, I humbly fall before you. I place myself under your overwhelming protection, committing myself to the most sincere faith and piety. I promise to do everything in my power to honor You all my life and show You love. Help me in this, Saint Joseph. Stay with me now and throughout my life, and especially at the time of my death, as Jesus and Mary were with you, so that one day in heaven I may glorify God with you forever and ever. Amen. Hail, Saint Joseph, entrusted with the priceless treasures of Heaven and Earth. Hail, adoptive father of the One who nourishes all the creatures of the world. For you, after Mary, are worthy of our greatest veneration and love among the saints, because you have been chosen to the highest dignity of educating, nourishing and even holding in the hands of the Messiah whom so many kings and prophets longed to see.

Day 1 – March 10th
Humility of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was of the royal lineage of David, so the popular opinion is that he should be rich and famous. Yet, by God’s will, he spent his life in poverty, loved it, and desired no change. Not foreseeing the dignity that would meet him, he married the humble Virgin Mary. When he learned that she had become the Mother of the Savior by God’s will, he felt deep humility towards her. When the Son of God called him father, this virtue grew even more in him, also under the influence of the example of the humility of God – the Savior. Saint Joseph, obtain for me a modest opinion of yourself from God. Let me never be above others, but remember that I owe all the good that is in me only to God Himself.

Day 2 – March 11
Purity of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was distinguished by exceptional purity. God distinguished him by freeing him from evil inclinations, and he proved himself worthy of God’s trust. He did not disappoint the Virgin Mary who entrusted herself to him. Their marriage was a community of pure hearts. Living in the circle of ordinary, everyday matters, communing with various people, Saint Joseph developed the grace of innocence given to him. Just like any human being, having free will, he could choose good or bad. However, he had never committed any imperfection in his life. Saint Joseph, my good Patron, obtain this gift for me so that no evil words or examples may affect me. Let me watch over my feelings and imagination so that I remain pure throughout my life.

Day 3 – March 12
Patience of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was patient throughout his life. In Bethlehem, he persistently sought refuge for Mary, who was waiting for the Child. During the long journey to Egypt, he endured many hardships and inconveniences. Being in a foreign country, he had to earn a living. After returning to Nazareth, he provided the Holy Family with his daily hard physical work. But he never complained about the hardships, sufferings and experiences of life, seeing in them God’s will or permission. Saint Joseph, obtain this grace for me that I may imitate you and accept everything that God sends me with peace and patience.

Day 4 – March 13
Obedience of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was always perfectly obedient. The Gospel gives him the honorable title of a righteous man, because he lived in the fear of God and faithfully carried out God’s law. He willingly fulfilled the orders of angels and people, even when they were difficult and changed his life plans. Though he did not always understand them, he did what he was commanded to do without reluctance or resistance, without excuses or murmuring, regardless of difficulties, distress or dangers. Saint Joseph, obtain for me the grace of perfect obedience. May I see the will of God in everything that happens to me, who always wants my good.

Day 5 – March 14
Piety of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was a pious man. He loved God with all his heart and served Him humbly. Everything that God asked of him he fulfilled with faithful love and devotion. He tried to please God with his life and work. His soul was always directed to God, he lived and worked for Him, ready to sacrifice everything that was dearest to Him. Saint Joseph’s piety is most fully expressed in this constant union with God. Saint Joseph, teach me by your example to seek God and live in His Presence in every situation.

Day 6 – March 15
Interior life of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph simply lived in a small town as an exemplary husband and father. But it was a life united with God, therefore he reached the heights of holiness. Being listened to and staring at God, he was able to perfectly combine everyday duties with a rich spiritual life. He sanctified his work with prayer, strengthened his trust, and multiplied his love for God. His sensitivity to God’s inspirations was also rooted in prayer. Saint Joseph, I need help so badly on my way to God. Beg for me to love silence and solitude. May I keep my concentration of spirit even in the midst of my most absorbing work.

Day 7 – March 16
Trust of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph displayed great hope. Though he was put through difficult trials, his trust in God never wavered. He did not doubt the angel’s words, he did not put forward any difficulties, he did not delay, but immediately and decisively carried out his orders. Despite the difficulties and dangers, he put all his trust in God. Saint Joseph, obtain for me the virtue of trust which I so often lack. Let me remember that God, our most gracious Father, who desires our happiness, directs our fate, and without His will or permission, nothing happens.

Day 8 – March 17
Love for Jesus

Saint Joseph loved Jesus with an ardent love. By the will of Providence, he was a father to the Son of God on earth. He dealt with his needs, educated him and enjoyed his constant closeness. His love for Jesus was self-sacrificing, capable of sacrifice and renunciation. He lived only for Him, ready to perform all possible ministries for Him, and losing Jesus was the greatest suffering for Joseph. Saint Joseph, obtain for me pure and ardent love, so that by sincerely loving God here on earth, I may then enjoy His sight in heaven together with you and all the saints.

Day 9 – March 18
Death of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, after fulfilling his life mission, was called to eternity. He left this world in peace, although it was difficult for him to part with Mary and her Son, whom he loved and served them selflessly all his days. All his life, holy and without sin, was a preparation for this last moment, so he did not fear death. That is why he is the Patron of the dying. Saint Joseph, you were dying in the face of Jesus and Mary. Teach me to live in such a way that I deserve a happy eternity. Obtain for me a good death, after which I will live in joy and happiness in the Father’s House.

Prayer at the end of each day of the novena

Glorious Patriarch, Saint Joseph, God chose you to be the Guardian of the Holy Family; I am asking you to always take care of me. From that moment on, I choose you to be my father, guardian, advisor and patron. I am begging you to take me under your protection: everything I am, everything I have, my life and my death. Look at me, defend me from the snares of both visible and invisible enemies, support me in all my needs, comfort me in the sufferings of my life, and especially stay with me at the hour of my death. Intercede for me to the Divine Redeemer, whom you were worthy to hold in your arms, and to the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Your Most Pure Bride. Give me these blessings that will lead me to salvation. Make me one of your worshipers, and I will do my best to prove myself worthy of your protection. Amen

Prayers at the end of the evening service

Father of the poor, holy Joseph, here we are, poor in the sacred treasures of heaven, we, poor in virtues and graces, beg for Mary and you, patron, mighty with God. Obtain for us a forgiveness of sins and an abomination to sins. Ask for our love of virtue, piety, patience and fear of God. Beg for us to multiply our strong and steadfast faith, steadfast hope and the most ardent love of God and neighbor. As Joseph of Egypt was the deliverer of his people and country, so also you, the Patron, be our protection, our help, our deliverer in all needs, both soul and body. Protect our holy Catholic Church, protect our Homeland, defend all Christian states, especially the little ones and our youth. Give us our bread, give us pure life, give us holy death and eternal salvation. Amen.

Hail, be praised, good Jesus, our King and Savior. You are blessed above all, through everything and in everything that exists in heaven and earth. Blessed are you with all our heart, that loves you and glorifies you above all. Most Holy Host, strength of an exiled soul, Divine Eucharist, Masterpiece of the Heart of Jesus, be our only love, be our only desire in life and in death. For the favors and gifts rendered us today, thanks to You, O Jesus. For our sins, our anger, our offenses, forgive us, O Jesus. We sincerely regret them and we strongly promise to improve our lives. O Jesus, we give You our souls, hearts and our bodies for the night. Cleanse them and sanctify them, that they may only live for You and for You for all time. Amen.


The way of celebrating this novena

In order to properly celebrate this novena, one should choose nine consecutive days, preferably nine days before the feast of Saint Joseph (March 10-18), and dedicate them to this devotion, observing the following indications:

– that you may obtain these favors from God more easily through the intercession of Saint Joseph, participate in the Holy Mass every day,

– on the first and last day of this novena, or at least the last day, go to the sacrament of penance and to the Lord’s Table; it is glorious to receive Holy Communion daily,

– at the beginning of the novena, make the intention of celebrating it in honor of this Saint, so that his intercession with God will obtain for you the graces needed for your salvation, and you can mention some special benefits that you want to obtain,

– read and ponder carefully the daily notes on the virtues of Saint Joseph and stimulate your heart to follow them,

– pray devoutly in front of the image of Saint Joseph, an appropriate prayer attached to each meditation, and then the litany to Saint Joseph,

– diligently carry out the resolution assigned for each day and repeat the soaring acts often during the day.

Introductory prayer before each meditation

God, grant me with your grace that I may direct all my thoughts, all the feelings of my heart, all the actions of my soul to the service and glory of Your Divine Majesty, and that I may obtain the desired fruit from this meditation.

  1. W. Pray for us, Saint Joseph.
  2. A. That we may become worthy of the promises of Christ.

Day 1
Saint Joseph, model of Christian humility

First, consider the humility of Saint Joseph, because humility – according to the teaching of the Fathers of the Church – is the first virtue of a Christian. The Fathers consider it to be the foundation and root of all virtues, so that without it no virtue can stand.
Saint Cyprian calls it the foundation of holiness, and Saint Bernard the foundation and guardian of other virtues. Just as a flower lives by the juice coming out of the root and takes its growth from it, and when cut off from the root withers, so every virtue, says Saint Gregory, quickly dries up and perishes if one does not hold onto the root of humility.
What is it about? It is in the fact that man recognizes his own powerlessness, helplessness and total dependence on God, and thus judges himself and his deeds according to proper value. Hence the humble does not boast of nothing, because he knows that everything that is good in himself comes from God, that he has come out of nothingness; he is not exalted over others, because he feels his poverty and littleness; he likes humiliation because he knows that he is rightfully entitled to it; he is not angry, he is not sad about anything, because he knows that all unpleasant events are either an arrangement or an admission of God, his Lord and Creator. So, this virtue is so pleasing to God that nothing can be nicer to Him. He took delight in the humble servant of his Mary, he also took delight in the humble servant Joseph, and because he likes to exalt the humble, he has also exalted him after the Blessed Virgin over all human dignity.
Saint Joseph’s humility manifests itself throughout his life. On it, as against the most beautiful background, arose and developed all his virtues, with which he shone in all its fullness. He came from the royal family of David, destined, as it were, according to the world’s ideas for dignity and splendor. God has allowed him to be poor, and he loves this poverty and does not want exaltation.
Knowing nothing of the dignity that would meet him, he married the humble Virgin Mary. But when he found out that God’s unfathomable judgments had destined her to be the Mother of the Savior, he became overwhelmed by a feeling of so profound humility that he considered himself unworthy to live with her under one roof. And when he became Jesus’ guardian, when Jesus called him His father, did this dignity diminish his humility? On the contrary, this beautiful virtue grew in him because of the Savior’s wonderful example of humility.
Now think what is your humility? So much evil in you, so many wicked inclinations, so many times you have committed a grave sin that turned you away from God. Do you acknowledge all your misery? If you recognized it, you would be willing to accept humiliation, you would not despise your neighbors, you would not elevate yourself to others, you would not become so angry when something unpleasant happened to you. How are you doing? Sometimes you value yourself too highly, you boast about the gifts you have received from God as if you had them from yourself. You seldom see anything good in your neighbor, you praise and exalt your deeds, and you rebuke or explain bad things for your neighbors. Let someone humiliate you, let him rebuke something in you, and how angry you are then, how sorry you feel for him then.
A feeling of revenge arises in you, and when you cannot tease your neighbor in anything, at least you harbor and keep a grudge against him in your heart.

Therefore, from now on, decide to curb the urges of self-love and pride that is innate in you. Do not overestimate your merits, remembering that you are more capable of sin than of good yourself. Endure all humiliation and humiliation for God, knowing that your sins are rightly owed to you. Do not despise others and be above them.

Commitment to Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph, I am begging you through your fatherly heart and through the love He had for Jesus entrusted to your care, and through the love that Jesus loved you for one another, be careful to sanctify my soul. Be my guide, be my example, be my intercessor with God. Plead for this grace for me so that I may faithfully keep this resolution which I am making today and that I may try to fulfill your virtue which I have contemplated today, that by imitating your holy life I may attain eternal happiness in heaven. Amen.

Aspiration prayer
Saint Joseph, despised of people, and great in God’s eyes, obtain for me true humility.

Today I will endure some humiliation patiently, or I will render to my neighbor a favor which my self-love abhors.

Day 2
Saint Joseph, model of angelic purity

Jesus, holiness herself and the author of all purity, finds pleasure only in pure souls. He wanted His Mother to be a Virgin; John the Baptist was to announce His coming to the world; one of His disciples, shining with the virtue of virginal chastity, was guided to the more special mysteries of His heart; and also, Saint Joseph, who was to protect Him with paternal protection, had to distinguish himself in this virtue, and to associate the flowers of all other virtues with the lily of virginity.
Indeed, he had this angelic virtue since childhood. Mary, the Immaculate and Most Pure Virgin, chose him to be the guardian of her virginity, and this circumstance gives the virtue of Saint Joseph the most beautiful witness. Mary, who through her Immaculate Conception shone brighter than the sun, and in her childhood consecrated her chastity to God with an eternal vow, she, who placed this heavenly virtue above the dignity of the Mother of God, could not otherwise allow the reception of Saint Joseph as her earthy spouse and living together with him as soon as she was illuminated by the light from heaven of his spotless purity.
How pure must have been the heart of Saint Joseph, to whom the Sacred Heart of Jesus so often clung to, that heart that pressed against itself Holiness, God incarnate. And if the virginal chastity of Saint Joseph was remarkable before the holy bonds with Jesus and Mary were united, then how miraculously this virtue must have grown in him under the influence of constant communion with these Holy Persons.
Saint Joseph is a lover of purity. So if you want to deserve his special protection, and even more to please and favor with God, do your best and according to your possibilities for this angelic virtue. It is a real and invaluable treasure of the soul, but a treasure hidden in a defective body – a very fragile vessel. The slightest distraction can make you lose this treasure. So watch over yourself and watch with great diligence, watch over all the movements and feelings of your heart, watch over your desires, watch over your imagination

Commitment to Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph, undefiled lover of the Queen of Virgins, wonderful model and tender protector of pure souls, be the guardian of my purity. Let me, following in your footsteps, and also in the footsteps of your Most Pure Bride, sincerely love this angelic virtue and that I may keep it unspoiled in the midst of all worldly temptations. And because there are so many dangers around her, let your wonderful protection also help me to avoid them and lead a clean life that God can always look at me with pleasure. Amen.

Aspiration prayer
Create in me a pure heart, O Lord!

Today I will deny my body some pleasure, and in the future, I will choose to carefully guard myself against anything that threatens the virtue of chastity.

Day 3
Saint Joseph, model of patience in poverty and patron of the poor

Saint Joseph remained in the greatest poverty all his life and through poverty gave us an example of how to behave in the need and need of our lives.
There are many different kinds of poverty in this world, but the greatest number of people complain of poverty. Indeed, how many poor do we see who working hard with the sweat of their brow, can barely feed themselves. How many fathers and mothers of families are there who concerned about their poor children, cry and complain when they are in dire need, and sometimes, in extreme despair, consider themselves the most unhappy.
But is poverty really such a misfortune? If it were so, probably God would shower his faithful servants with riches, then at least he would not leave Joseph and Mary in poverty, the most holy persons, whom he liked so much and whom he loved with a special love. And yet look at the Holy Family. Enter Joseph’s studio and see how this poor carpenter, although he came from royal blood, toils and strenuously, and to the sweat of his brow, working to satisfy his vital needs. See how in Bethlehem, repulsed everywhere, he searches in vain for a modest shelter. Look at the miserable stable where he must seek shelter for Mary and the Child of God. Look at the misery and inconvenience of the Holy Family that Saint Joseph was not always able to remedy. Also go to Egypt with him and consider how sad his situation is in a foreign country, without help, without acquaintances, without the usual livelihoods.
Seeing all this, will you still complain about your poverty? Will you still say that God is unfair, that he leaves you in poverty? Are you better than Saint Joseph, who was God’s most loving servant? Will you also say that God does not care about you, that He has forgotten you? And does God deal differently with Saint Joseph, to whom he has entrusted the most precious treasures of heaven? Will you still be the most unhappy one because you experience a little scarcity in this life?
If so, then you do not know the value of your poverty at all. Your poverty is not a misfortune at all, but the best means of salvation God has given you. God knows what he is doing. He is the best Father who wants your happiness and selects the appropriate means.
Do you want to know why you are haunted by poverty or other suffering? Well, first he wants to give you an opportunity to atone for your past sins, and then an opportunity to earn eternal merit. He wants to test your virtue and finally he wants to tear your heart off the ground and lift it up to heaven. Because if you had enough, and if everything went your way, you would get too attached to the earth and forget about heaven, while it is only a place of trial and pilgrimage to eternity.
Saint Joseph never complained about his poverty, he did not lose heart, he did not feel too sad. Although he had heartache looking at the great need of his dearest people, Jesus and Mary, which he could not help, but he endured it calmly, because he knew that this is God’s will, that for God and for heaven everything should be endured and suffered.
And you do not despair in poverty, do not complain, do not be overly sad, but remember the eternal treasures that God has prepared for you in heaven. Bear all the trials of your fate patiently, for this is God’s will that through the tribulations of this life you may earn yourself heavenly happiness. God’s grace is the soul’s only treasure. Even though you experience the greatest poverty throughout your life, as long as you have God in your heart and remain in His grace until the end, you are the happiest person.
Saint Joseph is a special Patron of the poor. Having experienced great poverty in his life, he now has pity in heaven on our misery. And how effective his care is in our worldly troubles is best seen in the experience of so many years. So go to him in your worries and your troubles, and his care will never let you down.
At the same time, resolve today never to attach your heart to the goods of this world, remembering the Savior’s words: “Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and everything will be added to you.” Become poor in spirit, for such poverty is true wealth according to the words of the Divine Master: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Commitment to Saint Joseph
O Joseph, blessed host of my Savior, I entrust my body and soul to your protection. Defend me, support me and save me in all my needs and at the same time give your effective cause to God, that in the adversities of this life I will never lose God’s grace, this most precious treasure of my soul, and that I may lose all temporal goods than God and eternal heavenly happiness. Amen.

Aspiration prayer
Saint Joseph, support me in all my needs!

I will try to console some poor man according to my possibilities with a good word or some alms.

Day 4
Saint Joseph, model of submission to God’s will and perfect obedience

Man by nature is obliged to do God’s will in everything, because for this he was created by God. We already know it by the light of our reason, and God reminds us even more clearly of our natural duty when He says: “You will fear the Lord your God and Him alone you will serve.” And to serve means nothing but to do the will of the master himself. Hence, God’s will is the only motive behind our good works and all Christian perfection. The more faithfully a man fulfills God’s will, the more precisely he applies all his deeds to it, the more holy and more pleasing he is to God.
Throughout his life, Saint Joseph had the most perfect obedience to God’s will, no matter how it was revealed to him. The Gospel gives him the honorable title of a just man, because from an early age he lived in great fear of God and followed all the rules of God’s and human law as faithfully and perfectly as possible. Three times a year he went to Jerusalem to keep the most important holidays there, as mandated by the Law, and he likewise kept all the other rules of the Law. He even obeyed a pagan ruler without murmuring, knowing that all power came from God. He gladly obeyed the orders of the angels, even if they ordered something as difficult and very painful as going to Egypt, a foreign and hostile country. It was enough for him to see the slightest sign of God’s will that he might fulfill his command without the slightest delay. “So does anyone,” says Saint Bernard, “who, like Joseph, truly obeys. Once he hears an order, he doesn’t wait or delay. His ear listens intently to what they command him, his feet are eager to obey an order, his hands are so eager to act that they seem to be ahead of the order itself. ”
Saint Joseph obeyed orders without the slightest resistance, without excuses, without murmuring, without any regard for the difficulty, no matter how painful, however painful, no matter what the danger, however obvious. He cares about nothing, just to fulfill God’s will, because above it he saw nothing more holy, nothing nicer, nothing more expensive, so much so that he would rather die than oppose it with anything.
How important that is for you to consider! Think a little, are you always willing to do God’s will? God reveals His will to you through the commandments. How do you keep them? Remember how many times you have voluntarily and consciously transgressed God’s commandments, sometimes even in a difficult matter. Then you resisted God, you resisted His will, if not even with words, then by deed you said: “I will not do what God wants, I prefer to please my passion; I know that this offends God, but I am pleased with my will. ” You have rebelled against God, as it were, because every sin, especially mortal sin, is disobedience to God. Maybe you have already corrected this mistake by confession, maybe God has already forgiven you, but think today what you have to decide how to protect yourself for the future.
God also reveals His will to you through the elders. He does not send angels to you, as to Saint Joseph, but to superiors who tell you what you should do, and God commands you to listen to them as He Himself, if He directly commanded you to do something. You can only disobey them if the act they command is obvious sin. In any other case, the orders of the elders are commands of God Himself, so if you oppose them – you are opposing God Himself.
What is your obedience to them? Do you do their will? Perhaps you do it externally, for the eye, for some human reason; but is your will willingly accepting their orders? Maybe you murmur against the elders, maybe you have aversion or anger in your heart, maybe you secretly condemn their orders … In that case it is not true obedience to God.
Christian obedience is a true sacrifice, a sacrifice most dear to God, because it is made freely to Him, that is, from what is most pleasing to us. But that is precisely why it should be real, not apparent; it should be willing, not forced. It should be rational, that is, done for God’s sake and based on faith and a strong conviction that when the elder commands, God himself commands. Only such obedience will earn you true merits and abundant gifts of heaven, and at the same time the protection of Saint Joseph.

Commitment to Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph, please make me understand the need and the salutary fruits of absolute obedience, which You are giving me so many beautiful examples. Do not let me continue to be a slave to my own will that is leading me to ruin. Through your intercession and that of your Bride, I firmly resolve to use all the powers of my soul to obtain perfect obedience, that through them I may overcome all the evil tendencies of my soul and go safely to heaven. Amen.

Aspiration prayer
Speak, Lord, your servant listens. I want to do whatever you command me.

I will make an examination of conscience, which I most often go against obedience, in order to correct this error in the future.

Day 5
Saint Joseph, an example of sincere piety in his daily affairs

Godliness is a sincere dedication to God and a constant striving to please Him in all things. It is not about long prayers or frequent church attendance, although this is also a natural fruit of it. Its essence is the constant directing of the soul to God, which makes man seek God in all, even the smallest of his matters, that he does what God wants, and he does it at such a time and in the way God wants.
It does not require extraordinary deeds or heroic acts of love. Ordinary everyday matters, which man in humility and love, dedicates to God through good intentions, and thus truly worship Him, are sufficient.
Saint Joseph did not perform extraordinary things, did not work miracles, did not shine with science in the face of the world, did not do anything that usually makes a man famous. But what God asked of him, he did with the most ardent love, with constant fidelity and with all the dedication to which he was capable, he was always ready to sacrifice to God what he had most dear.
He was an ordinary carpenter, and knowing that God had placed him in this state, he faithfully and carefully performed all the duties related to him. He did not seek his exaltation, he did not pursue a way of life greater in the eyes of the world. Loving God with all his heart, he was glad that he could serve Him in humility and humiliation. He took a liking to his low state and this was what he tried to please God with his work and fulfill His holy will. How great is Joseph in his privacy, with a modest workshop, leading a humble life! He is a hundred times greater than all the heroes and conquerors of the world whose names people proclaim with adoration. And what a great honor he received for this modest work, undertaken with fervent love! Here he deserved this sublime grace, that he became the protector of Jesus, that the King of heaven and earth helped him in his work and obeyed his orders.
Yes, and our daily affairs, if we carry them out properly and persistently out of love for God, grant us great favors from Him. In every state and in every situation one can become pleasing to God by faithfully fulfilling one’s duties. Common life, quiet, devoted to diligent work, should be at a great price with us, because it distances us from pride. A modest life disposes us better to sincere piety, moreover, our whole perfection consists in doing everything we do, even our smallest ministries, properly and conscientiously, according to God’s will and with sincere love for Him. “An external act is useless without love,” says Tomasz a Kempis. And what comes from love, however small it may be, bears much fruit. Happy is he who, in imitation of Saint Joseph, does everything for God and for God, according to the words of the Apostle: “Whatever you do, do it with your heart, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive an eternal reward”.
So, reflect today on how you engage in the ordinary work of your state. Ask yourself if you are neglecting your responsibilities? Do you love them, respecting God’s will in them? For what reasons do you start working: for God’s love, or for vanity, for human reasons, or for any other worldly motive? When you get up from sleep, do you raise your mind and heart to God? Do you dedicate all day’s activities to God in your morning prayer? During the day, do you often raise the good intention that you should have in order to do everything for God? If you do this, every day you will accumulate an innumerable treasure of merits, you will spend the day with true consolation in your heart, and God, who does not look at the greatness of our deeds, but on our good will, will accept all your matters, even the smallest ones, made out of love, as a pleasant sacrifice and will reward you with a rich prize.

Commitment to Saint Joseph 
Saint Joseph, instructed and encouraged by your example, henceforth I wish to perform all my affairs and all the duties of the state for God and in accordance with His most holy will. But because I am subject to so many weaknesses and so easily give access to my heart to various earthly motives and worldly promptings, I am asking you, my dear Guardian, ask God for the effective grace for this and confirm my will, so that I will never stray from the path shown to me by God.

Aspiration prayer
Teach me, O God, to do Your will in everything!

I will try to fulfill all my matters accurately and with due intention.

Day 6
Saint Joseph as a model of recollection in the hidden life

Hidden life seems unbearable to people of the world. For they do not know those sweet spiritual consolations with which God fills the hearts of his faithful servants who sincerely seek him. But pious souls, having tasted this heavenly sweetness once, take it above all the comforts and charms with which the world deludes its followers.
Saint Joseph spent his entire life in isolation from the world, and he felt the happiest in that isolation. By divine providence, Jesus was born in poverty and lived unknown among men until he was about to begin the activity of the Teacher. Likewise, Joseph also chose a quiet life in hiding, and he was especially pleased with it, he loved the quiet work of a craftsman and, as best he could, tried to be unknown to the world, in order to live only for God. Prayer and meditation were the food of his soul, even while working he still thought of God and aroused himself to an ever more ardent love for Him, and this pious concentration of the spirit brought him salutary fruits. It kept the most precious treasures of grace deposited in his soul, it constantly multiplied them, it enlightened his mind and made him sensitive and obedient to all divine inspirations. With what delight God looked at Joseph’s pure heart in its humble seclusion, at that heart in which – as if in a closed garden – the wonderful flowers of all virtues grew abundantly.
And you would act swiftly in virtue, if in the noise and hustle and bustle of this world you did not scatter the costly gifts of grace. If you would at least avoid such things, games, and companionship that might make you indifferent to God. If you want to walk on the path of perfection and be confirmed in the fear and love of God, you must necessarily be a lover of peace and concentration of spirit. In the hustle and bustle of worldly games you will find anything that can make you lose God’s grace, and nothing that will lead you to good. “Whenever I went among men,” said a servant of God, “I have come back smaller.” On the other hand, in solitude and in the privacy of the home, the heart easily gives access to pious inspirations of grace, and God also gives himself more willingly. Although the duties of an active life require communing with people and often throw us into the whirlwind of worldly matters, a truly pious person will always find an opportunity which he will devote to concentration or prayer. And you, according to your abilities, follow the example of Saint Joseph and strive for this saving concentration of the spirit. Do not meddle in other people’s affairs unless love demands it, and do not run after the vanities of this world. Following the advice of Thomas a Kempis, and even more of the teaching of God’s wisdom, leave vanity to vain, and think carefully about what God has commanded. Above all, however, be on your guard against any association that might give you the opportunity to do evil. Even though you are among the good, it is difficult for you to control yourself more than once, let alone stop with the bad! Then it is very difficult to avoid sin without special grace. And how can you count on this special help from God if you yourself, unnecessarily, recklessly throw yourself into danger? Whoever loves danger will perish in it. Keep in mind these words of Thomas a Kempis: “Wherever you are and wherever you turn, you will be wretched everywhere if you do not turn to God.” Take these words to heart and, following the example of Saint Joseph, try to be more focused than before.

Commitment to Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph, your life was hidden with Jesus in God. The more I look at your example, the more I feel the need to focus my spirit on prayer and frequent repetition of truths about God and my salvation. Jesus, Mary, Saint Joseph, from now on, may my pride and happiness be hidden in the shadow of your miraculous protection, so that, guarding the carefully given gifts of God’s grace, I may one day see you in the brightness and heavenly glory and rejoice with you for all ages. Amen.

The more people forget about me, the more the Heart of Jesus will be concerned with me.

I will spend today in the greatest concentration of spirit.

Day 7
Saint Joseph, model of unwavering trust in God’s Providence

Nothing comforts man more in the various adversities of this life than faith in God’s providence, that is, in the paternal care that God gives over all people. God created us for eternal happiness and He wants to lead everyone to heaven. He also gives us all the graces we need to stimulate our will to good, so that it does not stand in the way of achieving this goal. In addition to other means, he sometimes allows us to suffer various hardships and adversities, because he knows that they can be used effectively for our salvation.
But God’s providence also cares for our temporal success, and as long as it does not contradict the higher good, that is, eternal salvation, it also gives us temporal gifts, demanding only from us their proper use. After all, the Savior clearly says: “Look at the birds in the air: they neither sow nor reap, and your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not more important than they are? Strive first for the kingship of God, and all this will be added to you. ”
It is a great consolation for us to know that we have the best Father in God who cares for our good more effectively than we can do ourselves. We don’t always know what will do us good, and God knows everything best and sincerely desires our good. Hence, we should descend completely into God’s providence. This is not only our duty, but also the best way to obtain more grace from God. For God, seeing that we do not trust ourselves, but entrust our fate to His protection, feels, in a way, obliged not to let our trust be disappointed.
Saint Joseph is for us and in this the most beautiful model. It is enough to mention one characteristic detail from his virtuous life. Here in a dream an angel appeared to him, ordering in the name of God that as soon as possible, with Jesus and Mary, he would leave his native land to go to Egypt and stay there until the next order. Such an order would strike the heart of anyone who did not put all their trust in God. After all, there are so many difficulties and dangers! We must run away immediately, without any preparation, we must expose the Holy Child and His Mother to hardships and inconveniences, we must leave our country and go on a journey to a strange, distant land without livelihood, without any direction; to a people of another language, to other customs and customs, to pagans who hate the Jewish people, without any prospect of living, in anticipating the most severe poverty, the most painful afflictions. But Joseph rejects all worries, all human understanding.
Putting all his trust in God, he does not heed the difficulties and dangers, he does not hesitate, does not suspend even for a moment the execution of an order. He does not ask the angel about the means of travel, the way of living in Egypt, or the length of stay. He leaves it all to God.
It is easy to imagine what he had to endure, traversing the vast deserts, wild and unknown surroundings with the Child and His Mother, how difficult his life in Egypt was. And yet he was not disappointed in trust. God took care of him, saved him from all dangers, saved Jesus from the hands of the cruel Herod, turned all adversities for good, and after the tyrant’s death brought him back to Nazareth with the Holy Family.
God, by giving you Saint Joseph’s example, wants to move you to trust equally in His Providence. Remember that He directs your fate, that nothing happens without His will or admission, that it is the most gracious Father who wants your happiness. It is therefore right that you, in all events of your life, depend entirely on His holy will and always count on His protection and help, making sure that you never contradict His holy orders. Think about what you have failed to do so far and what you need to improve.

Commitment to Saint Joseph
Faithful servant of God, Saint Joseph, the model of trust in God’s Providence, how far my feelings are from those that have guided your heart. Every day I cry to God, I call Him Father, I say that I trust Him, and yet my hope is weak. The slightest adversity worries and worries me. My dearest Defender, obtain for me complete submission to the judgments of Divine Providence and an unwavering trust that would sustain me in the midst of life’s adversities, comfort me and lead me to the happiness of eternal life. Amen.

Aspiration prayer
God is leading me, I need nothing.

To God’s Providence, I will recommend my needs and those of my loved ones

Day 8
Saint Joseph, model of the most ardent love for Jesus 

Saint Joseph loved Jesus with the greatest love, and he drew this love from the very source – in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And how could it be otherwise, since he was fortunate enough to hold the Holy Child in his arms, to cuddle her to his heart, if he constantly gazed at this most perfect model of all holiness, since he constantly admired the infinite goodness and love of the Savior for people, since he was in the possession of Jesus, who he said, “I have come to throw the fire upon the earth, and how I wish it should be kindled already.” How, then, could Joseph’s heart not be ignited with the fire of love, being so close to the Heart of Jesus, blazing with purest love?
The very dignity of Jesus ‘Guardian, which he was honored by his special grace, enhanced his love for him in an extraordinary way, because he not only saw in this undeserved choice Jesus’ special love for himself, so he wanted to reciprocate with all his strength, but still lived with In him, he had the opportunity to get to know all his divine qualities better and better. No earthly love can be compared to the love he had for Jesus entrusted to his care. There was no limit to his love, just as there was no limit to the infinite goodness he saw in Jesus. Therefore, he lived only for Him, always ready to do all possible favors for Him.
What is your love for Jesus? From childhood you are showered with generous gifts of his love. Before you even started to live, you were already redeemed with His Most Holy Blood. At your baptism, you were flooded with the fountains of heavenly graces which he obtained for you through his death. How many times did Jesus forgive you for your sins! … How many times in Holy Communion he nourished you with his Most Holy Body, entering your heart to unite himself with you most closely, to console you, to confirm you in goodness and to motivate you to love heavenly things. How did you respond to this love of Jesus? Think how often you have been indifferent to your most gracious Savior, how you have transferred the joys of this world over Him more than once.
Saint Joseph valued Jesus above all that could please him in this world. To lose Jesus was a suffering for his heart more severe than any other suffering. When he lost Jesus in the temple and for three days, he was looking for him with Mary, he was inconsolable in grief and great pain, although it was not his fault. But you, through your own fault, and voluntarily because of sin, have more than once lost Jesus, and threw him out of your heart, as it were. How cold and ungrateful you were then! Consider what you must do in the future and how to avoid sin.
There can be no fire without a flame. And the flame of love for Jesus is zeal for His glory. You cannot bear witness to yourself that you love Jesus if you do not care for the glory of His name, if you do not want all people to know and love Jesus as He deserves, if you do not at least try to contribute to it. You cannot do extraordinary things, but do what you can. Try to constantly increase your love for Jesus and to stimulate your loved ones from your surroundings to it.

Commitment to Saint Joseph
Holy, my Guardian, you were closely united to Jesus and you loved Him with the greatest love. I also want to love my dearest Savior with all my heart, and because I feel how inept my heart is, miserable and cold, I turn to you and ask you to obtain for me the gift of loving Jesus, and with Him and His Holy Mother. Let me love Him here on earth at least as much as I can love Him, so that I may love Him in heaven for all ages with you, Saint Joseph, and with Mary, your Most Pure Bride. Amen.

Aspiration prayer
To You, Jesus, I entrust my heart. Let me love you, how worthy you are.

Out of love for Jesus, offer Jesus all the troubles that will meet you today.

Day 9
Saint Joseph, Patron of Good Death 

The hour of death is the most important moment in a person’s life, because it is where his fate is decided for all eternity. It is an inevitable moment because no one can avoid death; a decisive moment, because its unfortunate consequences can no longer be repaired; the moment that requires the greatest attention, because it can never be predicted. And yet it is the moment that is most often neglected. Most people usually think about everything else. They try to do everything else, except for a happy death. What is the conclusion? Being living for the world and its joys, they do not avoid their sins, they grow up in bad habits, and, despising God’s favors, perish the death of the unfortunate.
Today, on the last day of the novena, think about this final and so important moment in your earthly life, and may Saint Joseph teach you by his example how you should die. Joseph’s death was happy, because he died in Jesus’ bosom, he died in His grace and love. But all his life he loved Jesus, all his life he did God’s will, all his life he strove to be united with Him forever in heaven. May you also die in the grace of God, with Jesus’ love in your heart, nourished by His Most Holy Body, in the bosom of the Holy Church. It is sweet to live with Jesus, but even sweeter is to die with Jesus because it connects us forever with our God. Saint Joseph will ask you for such a happy death, if you will honor him in your lifetime and wholeheartedly entrust yourself to his protection, because he is the Patron of a good death.
So many people have already experienced his effective care at the hour of his death. And you will experience it without fail if you keep calling on it.
But simply invoking Saint Joseph is not enough. You still have to work on yourself, you have to prepare for death all your life, carefully avoiding anything that can lead you to sin. And if, unfortunately, you commit a sin, do not delay your repentance, but reconcile with God as soon as possible and try to regain His grace.
So think about your death today and ask yourself: if I were to die at that moment, would I feel safe, would I be troubled, would I wish to have some more time to improve my life? So do now what you would like to do then. You still have time and opportunity. Do an examination of your conscience throughout your life, judge yourself before God judges you. In the sacrament of penance, try to appease God and regain His grace, and after celebrating this novena, start a new life in accordance with God’s will. Remember that death is the time to reap the fruits of our virtues and good deeds that we have performed in our lifetime and which will obtain us an invaluable reward from God. No one can pick fruit unless he has previously planted and grafted. So now work on yourself, now root out the weeds of bad addictions and cultivate virtues, and with the grace of God and the protection of Mary and Saint Joseph, you will one day reap the desired crops.

Commitment to Saint Joseph
I am asking you, most glorious Saint Joseph, Patron of happy death, through all the merits of your life, ask God for this grace for me, that during my earthly pilgrimage, in the midst of everyday activities and worldly charms, I will never forget the moment of my death, but I will try to live in this way and avoid sin, so that at this most important moment, God would be gracious to me and let me go to eternity in His holy grace. Amen.

Aspiration prayer
O Jesus, through Your Most Holy Blood, which You shed for me, give me a happy death!

Each month I will choose one day to reflect on my future death and do an examination of my conscience.
I will also recite a litany to Saint Joseph to ask for a happy death.

Litany to Saint Joseph

Kyrie, Eleison. Christ, Eleison. Kyrie, Eleison.
Christ, hear us. Christ, hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
Son, Redeemer of the world, God,
Holy Spirit, God,
Holy Trinity, one God,

Holy Mary, pray for us.
Saint Joseph,
Famous descendant of David,
Light of the Patriarchs,
Spouse of the Mother of God,
Guardian of the Redeemer,
Chaste guardian of the Virgin,
Host of the Son of God,
Tender Defender of Christ,
Servant of Christ,
Servant of salvation,
Head of the Holy Family,
Joseph most just,
Joseph the purest,
Joseph, most prudent,
Joseph the bravest,
Joseph, most obedient,
Joseph most faithful,
A mirror of patience,
Lover of poverty,
Working model,
An ornament of family life,
Guardian of virgins,
Pillar of families,
Support in difficulties,
Consolation of the unfortunate,
Hope of the sick,
Patrons of the exiles,
Patrons of the suffering,
Patrons of the poor,
Patrons of the dying,
The fear of the spirits of hell,
Protector of the Holy Church,

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world, spare us, Lord.
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, hear us, Lord.
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

  1. W. made him lord of his house.
  2. O. And the steward of all my estates.

Let us pray:
God, in ineffable Providence, you chose Saint Joseph as the Bridegroom of the Most Holy Mother of your Son, make us worship him on earth as protector, deserve his intercession in heaven. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.